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06-20-2014, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeypete49 View Post
Not was but is a streaky player who still takes games off. He had to go hands down. I do wish we could have gotten more for him but I am very pleased with Luke. He is playing better and I still see him only getting better. I have been watching pro hockey since the 60's and I do not claim to know everything except that no one can predict the future and that we all have an opinion. I am sticking with my knowledge of the game and I am not ready to give up on Luke. The young man will be a leader for us on the backend and will be a fine pro. Cracks me up but it was not that long ago when defensemen played in the AHL for years before they played in the NHL and still got their name on the cup. And as far as Grossmann goes, I to agree with your statement. You win with players like these and that is what counts the most.
It must be an 'old-timer's' thing, huh?... We Children of the Sixties who cut our teeth on Eddie VanImp -- who as a 27 year old rookie was only beat out for the Calder Trophy by the immortal Bobby Orr, and no one else -- Joe Watson, Barry Ashbee and all the other D-men who paid their dues in the 'A' and developed in the Bigs before they were deemed ready to play at the top NHL pairings... The Bobby Orrs were the exception and not the rule in jumping in with a bang on the backline... And back then, with 6 to 12 teams and really mostly five man D-Units with the 19 man dressed rules, there was less desire to rush a player who had to play against a condensed Forward group. We learned well, and to this day remember, that D-men take more time to develop and to have patience... and we just might see them suddenly bloom.

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