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02-15-2004, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by JCProdigy
Since you are soo big on opinion versus fact then I want you to show me the proof that Primeau held back on his comments in order to keep his team "cool". Until then, your comments are only opinions. As is your comment regarding whether Holik knew Primeau was there. Unless you got it from Holik's mouth that he knew, all your doing if spewing out your biased opinion.
If you tried reading you would understand that I was making suggestions of possibilities, NOT statements of fact. I was giving a different point of view, but a couple people here are all geared up to take offense at anything that isn't THEIR opinion that I, apparently, need to point that out.

Here's another example. Someone here asked why Kim Johnsson doesn't fight. The difference is the way Holik and Johnsson play. Holik plays gritty and seems to walk a fine line of dirty. That is from players statements, not relating fact. Johnsson, I've never heard about him playing dirty or trying to get under players skin. Maybe someone here can enlighten me. If, and I guess I must emphasize IF, Holik plays that way then he should back his actions up with his fists. That is what these arguments are about. That is how people feel.

My opinion can be summed up by someone else's thread title "Holik is a giant quivering vagina". Once he's off your team you will PROBABLY feel the same.

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