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06-21-2014, 04:47 PM
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[QUOTE=broadwayblue;86750277]On the season I think that most people in the upper bowl (above Row 1) are generally successful in at least breaking even. Sure, you might eat a game here or there, or need to move a few pairs for less than face...but for every one of those there is at least a couple games you can move for $20 over face...and then there are the premium games like opening night, last year's Vancouver game with Torts coming back to MSG over Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas/New Years games and marquee divisional match-ups that you can move from 50% to 250% over face. Obviously your individual situation will depend on a number of factors...where in a particular price point your seats are located (last row of the $78 price point is harder to mark up when the row behind you goes for $56, etc.), whether you have an aisle, which side of the rink your seats are on (8th ave is more desirable for most than 7th), how much time you put into advertising them, etc. Personally I have not had an issue going to the games I want and making a profit on the rest in recent years.

And a long playoff run is a huge $$$$ bonus. You can sell a game to pay for the rest of the games in a round...and when you get to the ECF or SCF still have a nice bit of cash

Seems like you don't really have too much of an issue selling tickets next season then thanks to the deep playoff run. Full does seem more appealing than half. Thanks for your suggestions.

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