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03-28-2007, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by spank303 View Post
Was Hordichuk's jersey actually tied down or not? All I could tell was Hordi was arguing his case and no one was listening.
Yes, from the multiple replays shown on FSN South (including an angle from that corner) Darcy did in fact have his tie-down secured and it only came off after Smith was yanking on the jersey and it even looked like he grabbed the tie-down in an effort to wrestle Hordichuk to the ice.

The sad, sad part about this is that Van Massenhoven (#21) was the referee standing right there in the corner along with one of the linesmen and it was evident for several seconds that the tie-down was secured and was stretching because it was secured before popping off. Van Massenhoven was the referee who called the penalty and was so adamant about his explaination to both Kariya and Trotz/Horachek.

Part of what I found interesting was that Van Massenhoven explained to Trotz/Horachek that he saw that Darcy had a string near the tie-down and I'm sure he thought that Darcy had the string attaching the tie-down instead of the strap so that the jersey would come off easier (to gain an advantage while fighting). The string was there however to secure the wire for the microphone that Hordichuk was wearing last night for FSN South. Way to promote the league there, eh? And as Crispy said on the broadcast he's never read in the rulebook where it says you can't have a string tying something down underneath your jersey.

Think about it...would Darcy Hordichuk of all people not have his tie-down secured? Maybe Paul Kariya or Steve Sullivan, but Hordichuk? This was a totally blown call by the refs last night and the game misconduct will be reviewed by the league and I'm confident that they will overturn it.

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