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Originally Posted by beauchamp View Post

You're a bigger man than most of us.

Leaving $5M ($3.3M if you're bought out) on the table?

Come on...
That point used to be made all the time and every time it's disputed by saying that Drury could have been paid 5 million for a part time scouting job to help the NYR cap situation. Probably not technically allowed but in a hush hush situation its possible.

Originally Posted by FromTheSide View Post
So i should google what i already know? Alright.

Simliar production but somehow worse? That is some interested logic there.

Your point about the LTIR is absolutely pointless. He still wanted to play, whether there was a "strong chance" of LTIR or not (which is a rumor at best btw. no "research" required ) at that point in time he wanted to continue trying to play and so the team respected that and went with a buyout instead of burying him in the minors or whatever else.

He was not brought in to be a offensive powerhouse. He was brought in for some grit, some good D and decent production. Which he did until the leg injury. I'm amazed people go so far to throw the guy under the bus like he did something wrong. If you want to talk about full on disappointment you can look no further than gomez who was was going from bad to awful after 1 year and perfectly healthy.
Stats tell the whole story, I forgot. Drury was much better in 2008 than 2009, it was pretty clear from watching the 2009 team that Gomez and Drury were supposed to lead us following Jagr's departure but in reality Zherdev was our best offensive player. Drury and Gomez both clearly lost a step that year.

The team "respecting" what Drury wanted doesn't really matter. He may have wanted to continue to play but he never did. So that's a what if. Maybe you're right but I'd love to see an actual quote from the team on that. They bought him out because he was terrible and broken down.

It doesn't really matter what Drury was brought here to be if he was paid as a first liner. He should be held to the standard of his salary. Just like Rick Nash gets ripped on when he doesn't score for 10 games when Dom Moore gets a pass. Drury was not the same player in NY, even in his first two years, as he was in Buffalo.

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