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06-22-2014, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by jerseyjinx94 View Post
I don't completely understand the Corsi ratings, so maybe this is improper for me to say, but I don't know about judging players solely based on new stats. Am I supposed to think Stralman is better than Staal because of a stat I don't understand? If someone can explain it to me, maybe. I know it's based on puck possession. I could probably google it and read about it, but just from watching them play, I think Staal is better than Stralman. Staal has elite reach, he always looks like he's gonna get beat on a play but then his stick makes a play somehow. The guy is a legitimate top pairing defenseman. Stralman has been excellent with us, a rock back there. But we just picked him up off waivers and he's had 1 excellent season and 1 good one. I don't know, perhaps the new stats are indicative of him being better than Staal, but like I say with the baseball statistics, it doesn't tell the entire story.

What's the famous quote? Statistics are like bikinis, they show a lot, but not everything.
As far as stralman vs. staal and their possession ratings, this article may help you get the gist of it.

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