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03-28-2007, 12:30 PM
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I think that this is becoming the nature of the beast with all NY teams. We've gotten into the habit of "taking the temperature" of a team after each win (we're way up) or each defeat (we're way down).
Perhaps it's just a relection of our society today (which is neither good nor bad but just the way it is). Perhaps we can blame sports radio (which needs to have something to talk about every day and magnifies every game to game 7 status), our increasingly short attention spans, or our need for instant gratification.
Game # 134 for the Mets or #88 for the Yankees (numbers picked at random) become do or die. Only in football, with its abbreviated schedule of 16 games, seems to have weekly do or die games but even there, results are distorted.
I bet we would find this phenomena in other cities also.
Hey, we were not going to win every game from here to the end and run the table. What strikes me most about last nights game is how hockey games can turn on a dime. If Orr had not taken the penalty (and the HBO line was having a strong, energetic shift at the time and looked to be again setting the tone for the period) or the Rangers had killed off the penalty (which they almost did, I believe Montreal scored with 17 seconds to go) would the game have been totally different? Probably. Probably a Ranger win.
So, lighten up. Now if we somehow lose to Philly on Saturday, then we have reason to be upset and see the sky falling.

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