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06-22-2014, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Cake or Death View Post
Really, he owes the Rangers no such thing. The team left many players in the air and if a UFA does not know what the team truly intends to do, they are free to do what they want and owe the team zero. There is no need for any player to risk losing a potential signing elsewhere when their existing team hasn't (1) committed to them and (2) seems to be waiting till July 1st to apparently test waters. That's a risk the team takes and the player has every right to do as he sees fit.
Stralman was a garbage-nobody, plucked off the scrap heap.

The Rangers have been absolutely committed to him. While I agree he can do whatever he wants, if he likes it in NY and the offer is competitive, then he should give the Rangers the opportunity to sign him.

Just because they didn't negotiate during the season doesn't mean the team doesn't want him.

And I never said he should turn down a contract elsewhere. I said if he gets an offer, he should see if the Rangers would match. If not he can sign elsewhere.

It's a gentlemen agreement most agents recommend unless the player is absolutely miserable with his current team.

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