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06-22-2014, 09:35 PM
Evil Sather
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I thought Boyle made it clear he wanted more ice time saying everyone wants to score goals. He had something super low like 25% o-zone starts this year, unless he's decently overpaid he's probably not going to want to come back to score 6 goals and block shots. Can't see why AV would have him do anything else though, so I think he's kind of gone.

Stralman you keep Staal you move for reasons I elucidated.

A concern I have with the Brass line is I think as other teams got tape on them, they got figured out more and more as the season went on. Sometimes Zuke made things happen out of sheer desire and creativity but I definitely noticed some of their set plays being defended/blocked (that high slot tip on the PP comes to mind, worked great 3 or 4 times, then practically never again). They could figure it out, but, they might not. If they don't, a lot of their value is tied up in Zuke making it work - I think he's productive almost anywhere, while the other two need factors in their favor.

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