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06-23-2014, 07:51 AM
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I think it is pretty accurate about the goaltending. Stolarz has promise...but that is it. He is nowhere near NHL ready and is not a sure-bet by any means. And even if he makes it to the NHL, it is even more unclear if he will be a franchise goalie, starter, borderline starter, backup or otherwise. Outside of Stolarz, there is nothing in the pipeline worth mentioning.

As far as Mason goes...after one full season, it is completely acceptable to note that he has been inconsistent throughout the course of his career. The article doesn't say he is going to have a bad year or isn't a good starter, it just notes that he has been inconsistent in the past, which he has been. Taking note of that fact isn't "usual ignorant garbage about Flyers goaltending." It is pointing out the obvious.

Should the article not have mentioned the fact that Stolarz is questionable to be an NHLer? Should it not have said after Stolarz there is nothing? Should the blogger not have mentioned that Mason has been inconsistent or a question mark at times in his career?

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