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06-23-2014, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
But is it not warrented to ooint out Masons good last season? Unless I missed it?
They certainly point it out...

Mason helped the Flyers be a competitive team this season, but he has been inconsistent in the past.
That is about as fair a statement as can be made about Mason. What do you want, some kind of fluff piece about how great it was and how there is no need to be concerned with the future of the team in net? The article isn't condemning Mason or the Flyers in net. It is simply pointing out, quite astutely, that:

Outside of Mason, who has been a question mark at times, Philadelphia's best goalkeeping prospect is Anthony Stolarz
Yet another accurate quote. Neither of these statements are uninformed or off base. Neither condemn Mason or the Flyers. It simply says that Mason has been good, but in the past has been inconsistent, while pointing out that outside of Mason, the only real option is Stolarz...who is himself still a very big question mark. Are you going to tell me that these statements are ignorant, because to me it sounds like a perfect description of the Flyers' organization's goaltending.

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