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03-28-2007, 05:49 PM
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The dangler offers marginal puck protection and INCREASES the risk of a skate cut. It acts to direct the skate into the neck area. While USA may not have a requirement now, you can expect there will be in 2009 with the rewrite. Most youth associations do require a neck guard other than a lexan dangler. I doubt your camp will require the bib.

My Son and I have worn the maltese combo for about 4 or 5 years now. Can be put in freezer for roller or hot weather. I have taken one shot that hit the throat since I got it. About65 MPH that just clipped the bottom of my chin drop and went right into the throat, front dead center. Dropped me for about a minute while I was sucking for air but recovered and back to playing...No soreness the next dayand not even a bruise.

My youngest had a player inentionally drop, lift a skate and plow into him. He had dropped to cover a puck that the player was chasing down. Whne he covered it the player was at least 15-20 feet away. Dropped into a skate first slide, bent the down leg and lifted the other. The skate caught him right in the side of his neck in nearly the exact spot Malarchuk was cut. Drove him into the post and then post and him back into the end boards. I was standing there behind the glass as he lay thare head turned towards the boards. The Refs wouldnt even get close, calling over the team coaches. Both teams staff rushed off the bench as the rink went totally silent. Attempting to almost run to him, I signalled them to slow down, hes OK. I could see him laying there smiling....Player was ejected from the game and the serious nature of the intent to injure (+ a history) cost the player a 1 year suspention from USA hockey.

The maltese slash guard he was wearing may have very well saved his life. I am just glad that I will never know the answer to that question. THe maltese had a slight mark in the fabric where the skate came in. Instead of the skate sliding off and int ohis neck, the gel cups and traps it. That was his Mite major season. he is now entering his Bantam minor year and with the same slash guard. The cost may seem high but its a one durable item. Mine still looks like new. my sons would if it werent originally white.

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