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03-28-2007, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Pred303 View Post
one play last night with vishnevski that i want to mention.. it was either an awful play or a brilliant one, and i have no clue which of the two it was.

vish has the puck in the defensive zone looking for an outlet pass, under a little pressure, not much but with a guy skating hard toward him.. edmonton in the middle of changing her forwards up.. vish looks up and either sees or doesn't see the change going on.. and passes the puck squarely to one of the oil forwards coming off the bench on the change.. the guy plays the puck and *tweet* the whistle sounds, calling the oil for too many men on the ice... which it plainly was, because the other guy wasn't near off the ice yet..

like i say, either vishnevski saw this, and made the hard pass right to the guy, knowing it would put them in a too many men call, or he simply never saw the new guy coming on and made a terrible outlet pass and got lucky. this could have been one of the most head's up plays i've seen this year (dangerous because even if you see it, it might not be called).. or it might have been blind dumb luck..i simply have no idea

i left the game still thinking about it and wondering to myself... one of the little things you can never really know...
I too immediately thought about that, but from the angle of the pass and the strength of the pass I'm as positive as I'm going to get about it that it was intentional.

From where I sit up in 332, I could see the angle of the pass and where the closest Predator was to the pass and either Vish totally shanked the pass (in which case it wouldn't have come off his stick as hard as it did) or he was truly passing to the Oilers knowing that they had a sloppy line change going on and either one of the Oilers would play the puck (as they did), it would hit one of them and hopefully draw the penalty, or they would let it go in which case it would have riccoheted off the boards into an area where two Predators were skating towards coming out of the OZ on the regroup.

I totally think that that was an intentional veteran play. I thought that the minute it happened and I went back and watched that and the Hordichuk strap incident multiple times last night and the replays only reinforced my initial reactions.

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