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Originally Posted by Ail View Post
Aside from the blog posts, are there any breakdowns of potential picks by the Rangers from the major hockey media outlets? I'm working on a GDT and wanted to include potential pick information.

I will probably include all the blog posts you linked as well, JB, below the graphic section of the GDT. If you want to compile a list of your pick breakdowns I will copy/paste them in later and credit you.
Sure I'll send you all the links via PM.

As for actual media outlets, Bleacher Report put out 3 potential prospects for NYR; D: Andreas Englund, LW: Beau Starett, and C: Mike Amadio. I can tell you that from a conversation on these boards that the poster, Renegade Stylings (who has something to do with the Saskatoon Blades) has said that the Rangers had a lot of meetings with top prospect Nikita Scherbak. At the combine, Dylan Larkin interviewed with all 30 teams. Blueshirt Banter also posted some European players as potential targets; D: Gustav Forsling, D: Emil Johansson, RW: Anton Karlsson, LW: Oskar Lindblom, LW: Vladislav Kamenev, and also saying D: Andreas Englund. Also Russian papers have stated a few months back that the Rangers were also scouting goaltender Igor Shesterkin. That's all I know as of right now.

Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
I don't disagree.

But I'd be more inclined to draft Ho-Sang if he fell to us than DeAngelo, js.

They're both incredibly talented for their positions.
Agreed, but we'll disagree on who we'll select bro.

Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
Sanheim is one of the biggest risers in this draft, flavor of the month, he will be picked way before us at #59.

Toronto has no 2nd rounder. But they do have #68, #94, and #103 in rounds 3 and 4. I see them as possible trade partners if we trade down. I'd ask for #68 & #94. That would give us 3 picks from the top of the 3rd to top of the 4th round.
Agreed that Sanheim will be in the 1st round. No way he'll be in the 2nd. Depending on the circumstances I'd actually try that trade down. Getting surplus of picks to add to the 4 that we have this year would obviously be good for our prospect pool.

Originally Posted by DracoMalfoy62 View Post
I havent looked into the draft at all yet.

Who are the big names?

Who do I need to look out for in terms of potential Rangers?

Im assuming defensive depth and centers will be focus?
First off, welcome to HF Draco. Be prepared to be annoyed a lot .

This draft class is forward heavy with little to no top defensive prospects in the 1st round. There is a 4-way race to be the 1st overall pick; 3 centers (Sam Bennett, Sam Reinhart, Leon Draisaitl) and 1 defenseman (Aaron Ekblad). The Florida Panthers have that pick and rumor has it that they are willing to trade the pick for the right price. I believe if they'll pick, Ekblad would be their choice. He is mature enough to play now in the NHL and is compared to Brent Seabrook and Shea Weber. Will be a great pick and will play 20 seasons. Sam Bennett is a clone to Doug Gilmour in his two-way game and physicality. He couldn't do a single pull-up at the combine, but I don't think that'll matter at all to his draft stock. Sam Reinhart is all hockey IQ and will mentally tear someone apart. Does everything right and is in the right spot at the right time. Will be very solid, but might not have that elite style of play. Draisatl is a playmaking center that has Kopitar like qualities. Will also be the highest German to be drafted in the NHL so there'll be history being made on Friday.

The Rangers have 4 picks for the 7 round entry draft (2nd round/#59, 3rd round/#89, 4th round/#119, 5th round/#122) so yes the lack of centermen, right handed defensemen/offensive minded defensemen, and goaltending will be looked into on Friday. So you're assumption is correct. If you have the time to wander on the NHL draft portion or the Mock Draft portion of HF go for it. It'll definitely help to get yourself prepared for the draft. Also check TSN, NHL, and any other pro hockey sites. I'm sure they all are talking and prepping for Friday's draft.

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