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03-29-2007, 09:52 PM
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Ola and BBK great posts...

Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
*Nice research. I Closely agree to what you are saying. But my ideal 2007-2008 squad scenario follows below:

Lundquist - needs to be signed at about 4 M/year

Souray signs at $5 M - Tyutin
Mara resigns - Girardi
Rozsival - Staal

Baranka/Liffiton/prospects that develop + an ev midseason pickup (or whatever Malik rends in return) as insurance.

Gone - Rachunek + Pock (not resigned), Malik - traded to an idiot 4 some pix, Strudwick (left in the minors as emergency callup?), Ozo, Kaspar

An interesting statistic with Malikstein is that the Rangers are 35-28 with him playing and 4-9 with him off the ice (OTL:s counted as a loss). Do not ask why.

Prucha - Nylander resigns at $3,3 M for 2 years - Jagr
Shanny resigns at $4,5 M - Avery resigns - Callahan
Straka - Cullen - Hossa
Laraque sign 1 year- Dubinsky - Ortmeyer

Reserves: Hollweg, Dawes, Korpedo, Orr ?, Ibister (in the minors) and several more prospects to come ready to break through...
Anisimov will be a star one day - but give him 2 more years! Mark these words

Betts (and ev Orr) are dumped outside the division for picks, nitty gritters.

Here is a combo of speed, toughness, technique and firepower that could make a serious run next year.

This would all actually also work cap space wise. There would even be room to bring in a nice UFA rental as a center to depthen the squad around the dealing deadline. What is interesting and very importatant to emphasize in the cap NHL is to be able to foresee this possibility and utilize it. Whoever puts a team together without having capspace/tradeable prospects available at the deadline will not be able to use this excellent way to strengthen their team near playoff time in this very new and rejuventaing fashion. I believe the Rangers have a possibility to do both in the future...
This would also provide excellant opporotunity to replace the "big 4" on offense successively through homegrown talent, trades and ev UFA:s in the years to come as well...

Great post, and I agree with alot of it, and i like the direction you went with it. Especially the resigning of Nylander near the $3,500,000 mark. To me it totally makes more sense than aquiring a bigtime 2nd or 1st line center for for rediculous money...IMO the Datsuk's, Briere's, Drury's or Gomez's will all be too pricey to entice to play here. I only really differ on a few accounts...

1st) as much of a fan I am of the rough stuff, I wouldn't want to see Laraque here. I think Orr is the cheaper alternative, and although he's not the fighter big Georges is, Orr has proven he deserves a spot here. Plus, even though Laraque is the better fighter, he often decides not to play his role, which would take the team right back to the Sandy MacCarthy years. IMO Orr always does his job, and again saved the team money as he could probably be resigned at $500k.

2nd) As much of a Brendan Shannahan fan as I am, I would opt to not resign him in the offseason. I am a big proponent to building from within, and the further development of players already in the system. Plus I believe the team has to pay Jagr's full salary this season, and if that is the case the extra 4 or 5 million wil gobble up cap space quick, when IMO there are cheaper alternatives already in the system. Loved the NA leaership, loved having a great player like Shanny...but I have totally changed my opinion of resigning him when looking at the long term picture of the Rangers building a monster.

3rd) Rachunek I think would be a good defenseman to stick around some. 26 yrs old, good shot from the point, and can join the rush well. Plus he too knows the system, and could probably be resigned at a decent number.

The money saved by opting not to resign Shanny, IMO should be put to use to solidify an area of concern this team has not addressed for the past 10 seasons. A big nasty blueliner, that is capable of a regular shift, that will make the Rangers defenseive zone a not so hospitable place. Add a booming point shot, and a new PP weapon and you have Sheldon Souray! Yeah..I like the sound of that alot!

Resigning Lundqvist is a no-brianer...he would probably make similar money to DP...just not for 15yrs!!!

Say goodbye to Betts with Brandon Dubinsky nipping at his heels for a roster spot...Oh wait, they already signed Betts through 09???? I like the guy, but IMO he was totally expendable and the more time he spends here he only hampers the development of others waiting to get thier chance to play. If he could be traded I would do it, for picks, considerations or whatever.

For Hossa...he is the most intriguing of the bunch as he really showed why he deserved to play here. I can't believe that I would prefer a European player over a guy like Shanny...but with the salary cap in place the 25 yr old Hossa is a low risk gamble on a guy who already knows the system, and before the injury has thrived under Renney. Hossa is a big kid that can work the left wall, and also has the quick release that IMO could make him dangerous. Not only would I resign the RFA, but I would play him with Jagr and Nylander and bump him up to the first line. I guess it's more of a risk after the knee injury, but what's the worst that can happen? Straka has to be brought back up to the 1st line? It's not like the trio combined for one of the best point producing lines the Rangers have ever had!!!

I totally agree with you thoughts on Malik. I don't care about the record with him in the lineup. I think it's a decieving stat. I just think Malik could and should be traded, and whatever the return...I think the team is better w/out him.

Now for the only other UFA I think the team needs to pursue. Look out West at Taylor Pyatt. Here's 6 reasons why I think he's a very attractive FA at the age of 25 yrs old.
1st) He is 6'4" 220lbs
2nd) He is a damn good skater for a kid that big.
3rd) He is starting to find his offensive upside.
4th) He is a decent forechecker and in what I have seen of him positiones himself well.
5th) Little brother is also in the system, and has a good chance of making the club one day. Thinking down the road it could be a nice tandem.
6th) Whether he plays with Cullen or Avery, I think he fits in the system well.

My ideal team would look like this... Hossa (resign) Nylander (resign) Jagr
Pyatt UFA signing) Avery (resigh) Callahan
Straka Cullen Prucha (resign)
Hollweg (resign) Dubinsky Orr/Ortmeyer (both resign)

Souray (UFA Signing) Tyutin
Rozsival Mara
Rachunek (resign) Girardi

Stall, and Liffiton ready for the call up.

and I could see the critism for the possible lack of a point producing 2nd line, but if the icetime is distributed evenly among the 2nd and 3rd IMO and add in the 4th line, IMO this team has the combination of size, speed, toughness, and leadership all wrapped up in a young hungry squad.

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