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06-27-2014, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
You don't know what they're indicators of because you have no data on how these totals actually correlate with goal prevention. Your whole thesis on without the puck duties versus with the puck duties and what they entail has nothing to back it up. This is just conjecture that you've summoned up on the spot. You have no data telling us how important blocked shots, takeaways, etc are.
What backs it up is what happens on the ice. But that's back to the crux of the whole problem. I pay attention to what happens on the ice and use statistics to inform what I see. And yes, those statistics include possession numbers. It's why I can recognize that Girardi is, in fact, a better defenseman than Stralman is. It's why the league can recognize that Girardi is, in fact, a better defenseman than Stralman is. Or, if you rather, why he's the more valuable of the two defensemen to have. How do I know that the league recognizes that? Because Girardi can get more money than him. He would have gotten $6m+ if had been going to free agency on Tuesday. Stralman might approach $5m on that same marketplace. You really think a measly thing like reputation is what determines that? No, it's actual play. Front office staffs do their homework.

The two player's numbers are actually pretty similar in terms of goal prevention. An even strength goal is scored with Girardi on the ice every 24 minutes of ES playing time. The number is 28 minutes for Stralman. Slightly better for #6, but #5 plays the tougher competition.

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