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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
The World Cup ranking of floppings. Top teams: Brazil, Chile, Honduras, Nigeria and Mexico. No surprises there. The least flopping teams: Bosnia, Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Ghana(!) and Argentina(!).

Bosnia had two floppings during the entire tournament for a total of 24 seconds, while Honduras players lied in extreme "pain" for almost 8 minutes in round robin at 15 occasions. Brazil had the biggest number of floppings with 17.

Actual playing time: 55,5 minutes. Last WC it was 69,8 min. Almost an entire quarter of playing time was gone. Something has to be done about all the diving and acting. Although some of it was surely tactical to get some water and rest in the extreme heat, many teams were allowed to milk it for infinity when they protected a favoured result. Balls kicked away during free kicks, taking an eternity to make the throw in or freekick... sometimes it was just ridiculous.

It would be interesting to have that list ranked as writhing time per injury...

Also the playing time number is flawed, as the numbers from 2010 obviously include games with extra time during the knockout stages. Actual playing time probably is less this year, but it's not that big.

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