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02-16-2004, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
Show some respect to posters who don't have the view as yours. On this board I see too many words such as: stupid post, non-sense, ridiculous, crap, etc. Take example with Darz and Mcphee who can answer and debate without using these irrespectuous words.

Lemaire was about the same height and weight as Koivu except you have to consider that at this time Lemaire was just average, or the rest of the NHL players were not monsters like today, and if they were, they were slow. Lemaire was a better overall player than Koivu. Lemaire was not injury-prone, had a tremendious wrist shot, slap-shot and one-timer shoot. He was a pretty good skater too and his positional was perfect. He was a good stategy and play player.

Now for guessing who Gainey have in mind when he said we need to get bigger down the middle, Mooch's opinion or anyone else opinion are as much equivalent, since it's only speculation and I see no reason to insult a poster. Yes Juneau will be gone this year or next summer, anybody can see that coming, the same with Perreault. I beleive we have too many small centers and only Bégin doesn't suffer from being small (also because BG got him and Bégin is doing a good job). Gainey is mysterious and you can't know for sure what he have in mind, his statements are vague, I wouldn't bet $100 he was talking about Juneau.

... just my 2 cents.

Thanks HABitude,

Im just trying to relate what i said to the article. Sure, maybe what im saying isnt what the article is saying, but too me thats what it seems like!

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