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Originally Posted by NYRSinceBirth View Post
HIIT is extremely usefully for hockey players. I do it on a 'cut' cycle for the spring to lose extra fat (Don't really play hockey anymore). But you will notice, from the HIIT, you will get faster (sprint speed) and your endurance for your shifts will go up. But long term endurance won't improve dramatically (Which doesn't matter for the most part, since your not constantly on the ice). It may just be me, but my revoery improved greatly from HIIT. I could run, rest, run, rest, and over time be able to keep up pace in my runs after rests. HIIT also targets fat loss, with minimal muscle loss, which is always good.

This is great advice. I do both. Long distance endurance is still necessary for hockey. For a while I was only doing HIIT on a stationary bike. I found that it helped me in the 1st period but as the game wore on, I got more and more fatigued. So now I run 2-3 miles twice a week while doing HIIT on the bike twice a week also. It helped immensely.

And of course I also do squats, presses, lunges, etc as part of my regualr weight training program.

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