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02-16-2004, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
Actually I think you'll find that most Ranger fans are rather pro-Lindros. I hated the trade and still do, but Lindros has been a pretty good Ranger. He's kept his mouth shut and been a good soldier. Nary a peep has come from his parents.

Holik will get you a more split response because of his mouth, but there's no way you can say all Ranger fans hate him. I'd put the numbers around 50/50.

Sather ... yeah ... well he can fall down a long flight of steps and few are the Ranger fans who would be willing to give him even an aspirin at the bottom.
It was meant as a joke, but it seems Lindros might be closer to 50/50 as well.

The rest of the Lindros comments are conjecture unless you're an insider you would have no knowledge of Lindros' mouth being shut or his parents not peeping. The only reason it came out in the press in Philly is because of Clarke and I doubt Sather would want it out that he's having the same problems and had more than fair warning.

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