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02-16-2004, 02:28 PM
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Many at the Phoenix board were interested in him and had high expectations. There was some suggestion that Barnett did not want to pay him 1st round money but were considering letting him re-enter the draft and possibly drafting him again in a slightly later round. No one, of course can say for sure if that was what was planned. Size, speed, and toughness is always usefull. The Coyotes lacked that so Eager would have found an important place on the team eventually. But Barnett and Gretzky really like Mike Conrie. I think everyone will be happy with the trade on both sides. Branko was one my favorite players as well. I had been playing close attention to Eager since he was drafted. He'll fit in really well in the Eastern conference. I was curious why Clarke picked up Comrie in the first place as I didn't think it was a very good fit. Anyhow, I almost have as much reason to be a Philli fan now as a Coyotes fan. Anyhow, you've picked up quite a few excellent players from the Coyotes over the last couple years. I think it will work out well for the Flyers.

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