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06-28-2014, 10:23 AM
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I moved to Charlotte from New Jersey in 1998, and then to Raleigh in '99.

I started following the Hurricanes in 2001, and even got a half-season package in 01-02 (year they went to the Finals). Got a full season the next year. Dialed back to a half season in 03-04. During this time, I changed by NC license plate to a Hurricanes plate. I got a Hurricanes jersey. However, any time the Hurricanes played the Rangers, I'd always wear my Ranger jersey.

Met my wife during the season that didn't exist, and then ended up splitting a mini-plan with friends of ours for the 05-06 season. During a game against the Rangers is when I realized I could no longer share loyalties. My ticket rep came and visited with me during a game against the Rangers and started giving me **** about wearing the Ranger jersey. Not playful stuff either. I felt like "I've spent nearly $8,000 on this team over the past few seasons, and truly support them in every game they don't play the Rangers, and this guy is going to give me hell about rooting for the team I grew up with and lived and died with for the past 30 something years?" My wife, who is a native NCer, wearing a Hurricanes jersey, who would have no reason to support any team other the 'Canes, heard it as well and thought the rep was completely over the top out of line. She's now a die-hard Ranger fan, even though her sister works at the PNC Arena during Hurricanes games.

Didn't take the playoff option that year (as I was taking a new job back in Charlotte anyway). Did go to a Finals game, and was truly happy that the 'Canes won in 2006. Even tried to keep some Hurricanes fandom going down to Atlanta for a Canes-Thrashers game, but just couldn't keep it up thanks to that douchehelmet ticket rep and the fact that Rutherford makes Sather look like a genius.

Find out later that I wasn't the only fan with divided loyalties that was run off.

The way I feel about the Hurricanes now is, I'd like them to do well to keep hockey growing in North Carolina, but I certainly do not have any real affinity towards the franchise anymore.

As for the other teams, I DESPISE the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Bobcats or Hornets or whatever they're calling themselves, and that's mainly because the local paper will write an article if the third-string tight end's turds changed from brown to yellow.

I do follow the Charlotte Hounds lacrosse team and have gone to the local soccer team's (Eagles) games, but those aren't exactly your major sports.

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