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02-16-2004, 03:56 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Unfortunately, I really don't think there is a chance in Hades that ***** Dolan let's sather----We'll just have to take the best we can get under the circumstances and hope that when Sather does see the ruin he has caused and the hoplessness of the situstion (I think he finally will---like Neil Smith), that he is able to aquire a few decent youngsters and picks. It's the only hope to hold on to...

And we all know that the time for change has been two years overdue, but it is a critical time RIGHT NOW because other teams like the DUCKS, Thrashers, Canes and a few others are going to be making the same decisions pronto (if they haven't already) that they are selling evrything...Sather is going to have to act fast...More likely, he will end up dragging his feet and like Lindros and Richter before them, our trading chips/vets will drop like flies with injuries...

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