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03-31-2007, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Jon Rx View Post
I completely disagree on almost everything you said about Olver. I watched him a number of times play in college and he is definitely a player to keep an eye on. He's got LOADS of potential.

He needs to put on some muscle, but he's one of the smartest players you'll see on the ice. He reads the play better than nearly anyone in our entire organization. Small guy but he can skate with the big guys and take a hit when needed. He'll never be a disher, but he certainly isn't a wimp.

And you think he might not even get a contract? We took him at 36 in the draft. He'll get a contract. No way he won't, as he was nearly a 1st round pick.

If he played at a school with any real decent players, we'd be talking about him in our top 10 prospects.

He went under the radar his entire collegiate career.
You could defenitly be right, I won't argue against you here.

But, the facts are that he is on the smaller side so it will be without a doubt hard for him to play better then avg defensvily in the NHL, he is not a typical forecheck player either, can't contribute there like Prucha for example, he is talented, but far from "extremely" talented, my conclusion is kind of that he have to really come through with his smarts inorder to make it. I don't know if he necessary must produce a ton, but he have to get up there with the best.

So he have to live on his smarts and really produce, he won't get by as a complimentary player like maybe both Callahan and Prucha can do.

My opinion is that he have to become a 60-70 pt player in the NHL inorder to make it, and thoose guys usually score 100+ pts in the AHL, you know. And inorder for Olver to get to that level he have to improve allot still. If he can't get to that level, my opinion is that Bourret and co just plain and simple will beat him for any spots open.

I saw nothing in his game that hinted that he wasn't that "smart", that he didn't have that level of hockeysense. But odds are that he doesn't, not many young players do. I can't say that I got a opinion on the matter after watching him once.

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