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02-16-2004, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway
- The Rangers only have Leetch, Poti, Holik, de Vries, Kasparaitis, Markkanen and Dunham under contract next season. Assuming that they retain Lundmark, Ortmeyer (and maybe Rucinksy, Barnaby or Simon) there is a lot of room to move for the new GM.

- The Rangers will have a very good draft position. If guys like Barnaby, Simon, Mironov, Malakhov could be turned into draft picks the Rangers could restock the farm system to some degree. If they could get picks and prospects for Kovalev (Umberger/King and a first?), Poti, Rucinsky (will have some value at the deadline), that is a serious move in the right direction. Hell I would be willing to deal most players on this team for a pick (even if it means "losing the trade")
you forgot jagr in your first point. thats a mighty hefty contract to deal with if there is a cap without a grandfather clause in the new CBA.

and about the second point. i'd rather not trade simon. unless we are getting a genuine heavy weight and a draft pick out of him. cant have lundmark and purinton doing all the fighting for us :x
also, hasn't malakhov said he is retiring after this season? he's sucked for most of the season, and now with this wrist injury that has apparently kept him from skating for 2 weeks now, who he hell would want him?
i also wouldnt mind trading dunham for a d-man and a pick(assuming we either sign lundqvist, or sign a goalie worth a damn.)

Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
And to be honest, I HATE the idea of putting Renney at coach and Maloney as fill in GM...Not only does this organization need an entire overhaul but as executives/coaches in the NHL both Maloney and Renney have proven to be nothing but absolute failures on par with the Buffoon from Banf-f-f-f..
im on the fence about renny. when he was fill-in head coach during the LA game, it looked like they played for him(unlike how they fall asleep for sather.)
but, renny may be damaged goods because of being asst during the sather fiasco...

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