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06-28-2014, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I love this draft so far, because all of the regular Negative Nancies are out in full force. I've seen most of the regular whiners, still a few more though...

In all honesty, I feel pretty happy with what we did.
Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Missiaen's a bust. Stajcer's a bust. Basically we have Lundqvist and Talbot and Shapski's the only one developing. It was an organizational need.

Anyway there's **** that happens. If Henrik gets hurt--god forbid--we'll be scrambling around for anything. Talbot's a potential UFA after next year. Got to have goalies in the pipeline--doesn't matter how good your No. 1 is.
Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Two of our biggest organizational needs coming into today--goaltending depth and puckmoving defensemen--have been addressed, to varying degrees.

You can't completely restock a system in one draft, particularly without a first. They focused on a couple areas and grabbed some interesting players. Fine by me.
Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
Yeah, it's actually a nice mix. Considering we weren't getting a surefire 1st liner in thie draft I'm happy with the selections and moving down a couple times to add picks.
Originally Posted by JeffMangum View Post
Yes, the absurdity of some of these complaints is very entertaining.

I liked the stockpiling mentality of this draft. Picked up a lot of later picks, stocked up on some types we need. Could use a draft of quantity with our pick situation.

Our third rounder also seems like a potential steal.
You guys all hit the nail on the head so far that you drove it all the way through the foundation.

You are all absolutely correct.

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