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02-16-2004, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Le depisteur
I went in Shawinigan last Saturday (14th February) to see the game opposing the Cataracts against Rockets. Here my appreciations of the 4 Montreal Canadiens prospects in this game:

Cory Urquhart
I was disappointed a little by the intensity of his play. He definitively has the tools to make highlight plays, but he seemed to be too much worried by his small beautiful plays than by the resulting of the game, that they lost 2-1 in overtime. On one of his stick, he wrote "M U R DE R E R S H O O T E R"... It's great, but you must make goals... Also, he hasn't a great speed, but he has a pair of great hands (Les mains, les mains...).

Michael Lambert
I was very impressed for his guy... He is bigger than I thought along his 6-foot-2... Excellent speed and balance, good vision, intensity and good hands... It is all words to describe him... I did not believe that he could be a NHLer, but now, I would not be surprised to see it in the CH uniform in a couple of years...

Maxim Lapierre
I liked this one... He hasn't the better offensive instinct, but he is an above average skater and has the ability to read plays well and is able to make things happen offensively. He plays hard at both ends of the ice and is usually willing to come back in his own end and help out. But, his strenght is his big physic (surely 6-foot-3 and near 200 pounds) and his very gritty play... I would not like to play against him...

Jimmy Bonneau
It's definitively a project... He works hard shift after shift, but his talent his limited... Very big shape (6-foot-4 and 220 pounds), he makes fear... he fought against Marty Doyle and it was a furious combat, but Bonneau received a blow on the nose and he bled, but it wasn't serious... he seems to be a very good team player and could become a futur Langdon, at best...

My choices to become an NHLer:
1) Lambert
2) Lapierre
3) Urquhart
4) Bonneau

If you have others questions, don't hesitate...
I have a couple questions that might be difficult:

1. What roles are these players playing, what line are they on? Are they playing prominent roles?

2. How do they rank with other players in the Q according to the roles they play?

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