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06-29-2014, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
Yes, that's the nature of escrow. I guess the question is should players with old contract finance the inflated new contracts?
That's what I meant by them picking to always go the route of using the escalator once they go that route, because today's players with contracts will be the guys without contracts in 2, 3, 5+ yrs from now. Or they stay conservative, so that each year's class has the same treatment-- new guys get more of the money, or the older contracts keep. Going back and forth only hurts the FA class in the years where they switch from one track to the other.

Now, I can see that if they took all the money this year, GMs hand out massive contracts... which are far in excess of 50% of HRR in total... it just means that they give all that money back to the owners. Knowing the actual HRR figures and comparing against the salary commitments would help.

Originally Posted by Cirris View Post
"will cost players jobs"

What utter BS. As soon as I saw that i stopped reading. Cause I knew he was just spewing out regurgitated union talking points to whine about his millionaire players not getting their way.

I never get this type of talk with a fixed system. There are only 30 teams, and roster sizes are relatively fixed, including injury replacements where there is some flux. The more teams spend on injury replacements, the more that 50% of HRR gets spread out (say 750 players vs 780, but the replacements are usually cheaper, entry level guys). The people who "lose" their jobs are overpriced (relative to teams' needs) veterans for the most part.

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