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06-29-2014, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Cirris View Post
"will cost players jobs"

What utter BS. As soon as I saw that i stopped reading. Cause I knew he was just spewing out regurgitated union talking points to whine about his millionaire players not getting their way.
This would be interesting if that was what he said. In reality, Brooks was pointing out that the situation costs players jobs on more successful teams, who are typically up against the Cap. He didn't say it would cost the players jobs overall. There's an inevitable reshuffling that will be taking place among the players around the league due to the decision. That's okay, because it really is one of the intended consequences.

This whole thing about "Brooks' crusade against salary cap" etc is absurd. Yes, Brooks really doesn't like the salary cap, but as someone who's been reading him for probably close to 20 years, I think it's more that he's against employee restriction overall. At this point in his career, his job is not just to report news, but to comment on the game. His articles are allowed to be half news/half editorializing. He's a proponent of the good unions do and a critic of unions when they don't do a good job looking out for their constituencies. If he was writing about education, he would have spent the last 8 years railing against Bloomberg and the 8 years before that railing against Giuliani. It's just who he is. I find nothing to be critical of in his stance, whether I agree with him or not.

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