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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
According just about every Russian poster here, it is a Russian league. All the decisions are made in Moscow as well so it is essentially a Russian league in that aspect as well.
Between 1946 & 1967 four of six NHL teams were based in the US however the NHL's head office was located in Montreal. Did that make the NHL a Canadian controlled entity? Obviously no, not at all. The league was essentially controlled by the Norris family, owners of Detroit & Chicago, major shareholders of Madison Square Gardens & by rote the NY Rangers, and, they'd lent money to the Bruins to keep them afloat ergo Boston as well beholden to Norris interests..... post 1967 Expansion with the addition of 6 additional US teams, Clarence Campbells retirement, the appointment of former Norris Council with Detroit John Ziegler as new NHL President & the relocation of NHL Head Office to New York, does that mean formally the NHL & hockey is now effectively controlled by American interests? Of course. Does it matter? No. They merely control the top echelon, the best league, but they dont control hockey the game be it Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia or anywhere else. Its strictly a business. These clubs, the league & its owners, their not visionaries, stewards of the game.

Originally Posted by hoc View Post
Harkimo should have just cut the budget to €2 million or even less if his financial situation was bad enough that he couldn't supply Jokerit with €3.5 million payroll. But instead he took the easy route... and sold us in the same boat. with these figures i mean player salaries not overall budget obviously. we haven t won the ****ing title for 12 years and its going to continue cos we have very slim chance of winning anything in russia. also a very uncertain league and so forth.
Ya well see youve written them off before giving it a chance. How do you know Jokerit wont take the KHL by storm & do some serious damage, kick some butt? Your assuming the club will now & henceforth be little more than Puppets to what you perceive as being over~arching megalomaniac Russian Oligarch's who control the KHL from Moscow. Thats not gunna fly. Either Jokerit (and elsewhere not located in Russia) plays on an even surface or they will implode because fans wont stand for it. They wont show up if theres even the slightest hint that the club is merely a decorative feather in the KHL's cap, who have no chance of winning a league championship, that the whole set~up is rigged. But lets say they instead come out flying, and your entertained by the product & quality of play. It's worth the shot in my opinion. Keep an open mind, see how things pan out.... But sure, approach with caution. Look at how the NHL handicapped Expansion Teams & the in-bound WHA teams in 79/80. Hopefully the powers that be, such as they are within the KHL dont make the same mistakes. If they do, Jokerits' history & it'll be a cold day in Hell before that leagues ever welcomed back into Finland.

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