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02-16-2004, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by ObeySteve
Don't want Federov, don't need Federov.

We need young talent, plain and simple....I can't stress this enough to fanboys of Clarke.

Osteve...would you rather win a cup or rebuild? Just curious because you're forever whining about Youth. Sorry Osteve, but it takes veteran presence and experience...that's why GM's acquire vets for cup runs. Now if you want to talk to fanboys of Clarke try pming us and maybe you can explain why we would rebuild when we have as good a shot as any contender this play to win, bad teams rebuild...we're far from a bad team. Sad part is, you seem to believe what you're spitting out, but you'll celebrate like everyone else if we do win this year. Don't worry though...all us "Clarke fanboys," who you're obviously trying to goat into reading your nonsense will be there to remind you where you stood all season. You're even worse than a have no faith in your GM or your club and it turns mty stomach. Think it's about time to use the Ignore button.

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