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02-16-2004, 06:38 PM
Al Alven
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Originally Posted by FlyersGuy69
hey Al, I am very interested to know how Alexander Drozdetsky season is going. I've read the new top 20 and the skinny on him but I am wondering if he has turned the corner and ready to come over seas to play next year?

BTW, great stuff Al!
First off, thank you all for the very kind words!

FG69, Drozdetsky is having an excellent season in the RSL. He started out as the third line center for Ak Bars and was widely considered to be the best checking line pivot in the league by Christmas.

Now, that might not sound like much, but it is a tremendous compliment in the Russian Super League, because the circuit is so defensively-oriented. Droz proved that he has become a more complete, all-around player by going head to head with other teams' top guns and fairing very well.

At the same time, his offensive production has been very steady. At present, he has 26 points (16 g, 10 a) in 49 games, which are strong totals. He also has 44 PIMs, which is indicitive of how "involved" he's been this year.

To say that Droz has become a physical force would be overstating it. But, he is now more willing to battle in the trenches and engage in physical play. The Flyers still want to see him pack on some muscle, but he is a good 5-10 lbs. heavier than he was last year.

As fr Droz being ready to make the jump to North America... well, it's still hard to say. Some scouts feel that he's as ready as he'll ever be, while some think that he'd still be way out of his league to play over here. It's one of those things where we'll have to wait and see.

My guess is that he won't come over next season. If he had a shot at making the Flyers, he might. But, with a lockout looming, he'd be stuck on the Phantoms for sure, and I think his "people" feel that he is above playing in the minor leagues (they might be right, but who knows?).

Eventually, I think the promise of money will lure Alex to North America. But, "eventually" could mean 2, 3, maybe 4 years from now.

I'd love to see him over here, just to see what he can do. He remains in the top 10 on our HF rankings because he is unbelievably talented and has the ability to be a major player in any league. But, as we know, there are always certain intangibles at work with prospects... especially Europeans, because the game is played differently over here and they have to adjust.

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