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06-30-2014, 04:25 PM
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There is a reason hockey fans do not listen to certian people and truthfully I had never heard of this guy. But first impressions are lasting that station blew it for me. And I will take it as a compliment that I am critical. I guess I was not critical enough on Trotz to please those that do not like my opinions here but thats ok. Im not going to change. I prefer to live in the real world and tend not to love change just for change sake, nor do I prefer to just go blindly into being happy when this team puts so many unproven players on the Ice I have spoken with my pocket book refusing to purchase tickets until this ship is set right. And I hold my right to speak my opinion no matter how many do not like it. In fact it has become kinda entertaining. To the point that one person here wanted to harm me physically I suppose. Quite comical really.

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