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06-30-2014, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by eKardz View Post
sounds good. I am pumped, I think these will be my regular seats over 208 now. This end ice looks awesome.

I try to make it to as many games as I can, I travel for work often, so it's hit or miss. Should be in for the opener, islander game right after, and most likely penguins game on veterans day.

here's to a good year in 217!
I am happy for you that everything worked out in the end.

I used to be a "TV" view guy - my seats were in old 312. After hand-rail-gate, and getting my chance to sit in various seats, I realized that for viewing all the action, end-ice is awesome. You don't need to turn your head and you see much more of the ice (the near boards don't block as much).

And as GG wrote, getting closer to the ice is key. I, too, wish they could come up with some transparent netting made of nylon or something...

I would have told anyone who told me end-ice was awesome BS if I didn't experience it myself. My uncle used to love end-ice balcony seats in the old garden. I couldn't understand why. Now I know. I think you're gonna love the new seats....


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