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02-16-2004, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by felixd
Many sources(TFP, Spetor's Hockey) have mentioned that Bob Gainey may be interested in Luke Richardson. One report even stated that Gainey could be after Sanderson and/or Cassels.

Personally I would be very upset if we got any of them. Richardson is just a pylon, Sanderson is the epitome of a wuss, and there is no space for Cassels on our team.

Thoughts, opininons?
I would not want any of these guys. Yes, Richardson can be a real tough d-man but if we play Komisarek at his natural position (and not with Rivet) and trade Quintal to a possible stanley cup winning team then, we could move him up and he might just give us as much in toughness then what a Richardson could bring. We should try putting up kids to fill the hole that Souray's injury left us. I don't know if Hainsey could be up for the challenge, but I'd rather see him or Beauchemin then Richardson. Sanderson is having a bad year and wont even score 20 goals. Make room for a guy named Balej and let Dagenais go back in Hamilton. But this time, give him time to develop a chemestry with Ribeiro and Zednik. And for Cassels, Koivu and Ribeiro are doing find so far. There's no need for any of them in my opinion. And Cassels has a broken foot so you can probably take him out. Yes, we are running for a playoff spot but let's not get carried away. Other teams don't want our "crap", so we don't want theirs :p

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