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04-02-2007, 02:39 PM
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I suppose my big question is, what is the deal with Prucha?
Is he a real top six or better snipper, or is he a goal scorer, not assist, who needs lots of ice time, pucks, and oppurtunites?

He strikes me, along with Callahan, Immo as in between 2/3 line players, and this makes it very confusing as to where we should play these guys while giving the chance to make the most of our team?

Do you allow Prucha, Callahan, Immo, and Dawes to fight for 2nd and line roles, which means NOT upgrading to a Briere and possibly allowing a Shannahan to leave?

Keep in mind this team's problem has been not scoring goals, though of late this has not been a major concern.
We risk having long spells of inconsistenct with guys who are good but not bonfied yet top 6 scorers.

You do not put Prucha, Callahan, Immo, and Dawes on the 4th to rot, nor do you trade youth.

Then again we have Cullen, a 3rd liner, Prucha, Callahan, then perhaps Immo and Dawes, we need more goals next season and with Straka, Nylander, and Jagr, all set, where do you put the upgrade without ruining these prospects?

We need some upgrade in goal scoring, especially since Jagr is going to retire soon and Nylander, Straka are old, this is quite confusing given our plethra 2nd/3rd line mixed guys.

Your thoughts on what to do with Shannhan, upgrading goal scoring, aquiring a Briere, playing guys like Prucha, Callahan, spots for Immo, Dawes/

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