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Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
I don't know much of other fields, but McGill for engineering isn't at the top, even in Canada.

Seems like the business school and the medecine/life science faculty are very good though.
They aren't impressive for engineering.

Originally Posted by RyanBostonRedsox View Post
I'll be attending the John Molson School of Business at Concordia in September. I'm from Vermont, and have been to Montreal enough where I know the general area. Any tips from anybody? Any pointers? My residency is at Grey Nuns.
Not sure what pointers you need. Look, in September feel free to ask questions. I'm not a JMSB student but I've taken some courses there and my friends went there. you'll likely find answers to your questions here.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by FrankFountain View Post
They have a weird way of selecting their students. My med school friends at UdeM got accepted everywhere except McGill, while my McGill friends only got accepted at McGill (rejected at UdeM, Laval and Sherby).
Recently heard a story about an applicant feeling he did terrible with McGill but somehow got selected. Was confused but probably showed some kind of characteristic.

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