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Originally Posted by DevilSinceDayOne View Post
I am going to get blasted for this but here it goes:

Funny how the grass seems to be a little greener depending on which side of the river you are on.

See, us Devils fans like to think it was teams like the Rangers who killed hockey. After all how can us small market teams compete against the big boys who were spening nearly 100M to field a team. And snapping up every available free agent at ridiculous salaries. The only way to compete against that is to play iron clad defense.

Ranger fans would love it if the only teams in the league were NY, Philly, Detroit, Colorado, et all. The teams with the deep pockets.

You might win a Stanley Cup more often than once in 54 years if that were the case.
Yeah, the NHL you say we would like would be one where skill, skating and talent are all on display and are the primary factors in who wins or loses a game.

As opposed to you guys who would love to see a NHL where the team that makes the fewest mistakes while playing a passive, take no chances, negate skill and skating as much as possible, style that was allowed to thrive only because the NHL over-expanded by forcing a 1/3 increase in just 10 yrs so in order to let these teams not be out of the PO race by December after paying tens of millions in expansion fees, so what we had was the darkest and least entertaining period in NHL history, one that forced a whole new slew of rules specificly to minimize the effect of playing p&*^$ hockey as a result of the success you were able to achieve by playing the trap.

And while we might have more than 1 cup in 54yrs if it was just a league of the big cities on the flip side you may actually be able to sellout EVEN A SINGLE REGULAR SEASON game and maybe even a PLAYOFF game for christs sake if you didn't play such a BS style of passive, disgusting, anti-everything hockey is supposed to be hockey.

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