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Originally Posted by GretzNYR99 View Post
Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Atlanta, Nashville, Florida, Tampa... all bad markets who have fans who only support the team unless they win. Those teams for years were not able to generate the revenue necessary to help the NHL out.

That's what killed the NHL.
This might be off on a tangent... but it kinda bothers me when people immediately associate the southern US with all that is wrong with hockey.

Yes... hockey is somewhat of a regional sport in the U.S. It's just not that big in warmer climates from a participation standpoint and never will be. But is that killing the NHL. I don't think it's that simple.

Let's look at some numbers (06-07):

The bottom 6 teams in the league measured by home attendance capacity

78.9 % Boston (Original 6 supposedly one of the great hockey cities)
78.4 % NY Islanders (BOOSTED by 4 guaranteed sellouts per season - NYR)
74.3 % NJ Devils (3 cups in 10 years? coulda fooled me - also padded by local rivalries)
73.3 % Washington (not very far south... and once proud contenders)
61.6 % Chicago (see Boston)
59.6 % St. Louis (wasn't too long ago they were always in the playoff mix)

teams that "ruined" the NHL?

Phoenix 85.3
Pittsburgh 96.6
Carolina 92.7
Atlanta 86.8
Nashville 89.1
Florida 79.8
Tampa 100.4

So why do the "real" dead teams get a pass? Why has no one ever called for the Islanders to move or fold... the Devils? God forbid one of those storied O6 teams that have been invisible for years now?

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