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04-03-2007, 06:11 PM
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Old Dog, New Tricks ( or "How to go from Standup to Butterfly after 40")

Hey all,
So this is the deal. I grew up playing goal all thru the 70's, so guys like Dryden, Parent, Plante etc were the inspirations and where I triedto get my technique. I was the starter for my rep team right up thru Juvi, so at one point I was pretty serious

Fast forward to today, 30 odd years later, and me, still in pretty good shape getting back in net. Although rusty, I can still stop anything from the top of the circles out, as well as hold my own with the kids half my age coming in on breakaways. My angles are good, my lateral movement is acceptable and my up and down time isnt as bad as I thought it might be, which brings me to my achilles....on ice wrister just off my right skate from ten feet out.

For the life of me, I can not stop this shot! There are only a couple "good" players around here who have found it (most of the others think they are crosby and just want to do the fancy dekes)
I dont remember what I used to do, and since all my tendencies/reflexes are that of a stand up style, I hesitate and get down to late. It's too close in for a skate save, I try to cheat and get picked off glove-side high. It is driving me nuts!!

Any other old-styler's that have made that switch to Butterfly or better yet "Hybrid" successfully?
What drills helped you the most?
Have you found a way to beat this shot or one that plagued you?

Or am I just too old and have no hope of ever getting this back??
Love to hear any thoughts, ideas or even stories of how you made the great comeback!

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