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07-02-2014, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by TollefsenFan View Post
It would also be the best deal for Zucc. If Sather replaces AV With a conservative Coach like Torts, then Zucc will struggle. With a fair contract the rangers can trade Zucc for picks and bigger forwards. If the Rangers overpay, then both rangers and Zucc are screwed, because no other team would want him.
I'm sorry, T-fan - While I very much agree with the poster you replied to here, and at the same time very much disagree with the player over teams fans such as idlerlee(?) - you just seem so off when assessing Zucc.
Please back up why Zucc would struggle under a Torts? I seem to remember a guy producing at .5 ppg in his rookie campaign, killing corsi and fenqick, and since then having developed greatly as a defensively capable player.
2.5 per year? I would LOVE this contract so much I would want to marry it, but it just seems completely unreasonable. And for 5 years? While enjoying job security it pretty much ensures he will never get paid properly since he would be too old to demand top dollars when contract runs out.

I get the feeling you are playing the devils advocate and not wanting to be identified with the overly zealous Norwegian fans, but you seem equally blinded at times.

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