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Attachment 22603 Our logo, thanks to Stomper!

[B]The Love Me Tender Hopeless Habs
GM: Lady Rhian
Assistant GM: Kosikarzzz

Salary: $29,262,900 (20 players)

Head Coach: Ted Noland

Team Report
We finally made our first trade. Looking back our goal was to make a competitive team while still living under the CAP. I had to do the math twice because I still can't believe our salary is under $30 mill. We have $18 mill in CAP space and our owners have given us the freedom to spend to the max. We do welcome trades and are looking to improve our team. Feel free to inquire Lady Rhain or Kosikarzzz for possible trade dicussions.
Our record in the pre-season was ok. We were over 500 and our PP was good. We even had a few fights with Tootoo & Vandemeer. Cam Ward was great as expected and all 4 lines contributed on the score sheet.
We are hoping with the newly aquired Knuble, Lombardi & Ference that we improved our team balance and are hoping to add more scoring to the score sheet while maintaining our low GA.

This team was built from the net out. We are proud to have such young high end caliber goaltending and all at an affordable price. That is our true strength now & in the future. Cam Ward will be our starter and we are confident because of his Conn Smythe/Staney Cup winning performance that he will once again compete for the cup. Tuuka rask will be groomed in the minors until he is ready to take the wheel.

While we have no Norris Trophey winners here we still believe that we are 6 deep. We have excellent blend of Offensive Defenceman and Defensive Defencemen. Players will have to keep their head up with players like Brad Stuart, Barrett Jackman, Jim Vandermeer & Andrew Ference patrolling the blue line. They are all young mobile a tough as nails. Jordin Leopold, Brad Stuart & Alex Picard will hopefully provide enough offense from the back end.

Depth...that is what we have. We are strong at Center and Wings. So many combonations to play with. Knuble(24 G) -Savy(22G 78 A) -Murray (28G) line will hopefully do what the Thornton line did years ago. Our #2 line of Ruutu (17G) -Ribero (18G 41 A) & Hartnell (22G) provide skill & strength and should be hard to contain and be a menace all night. Our 3rd line provides that extra gear for all the speed deamons out there. Sturm (27 G) & Lombardi (20G) are amoung the top skaters in the league and will be centered by former #1 pick Patrick Stephan. Yes, Stephan has struggled in the past but he actually has 2 skilled wingers to play with and that should elivate his game. Finally we come to our 4th line or checking line and it all starts with Jordin Tootoo. Wayne Primeau will have dutiy against the other teams big guys from time to time. Jon Sim surprisingly had 17 G and has proven to us that he can be a threat on the 4th line.

Maintaining our Goaltending depth we plan on grooming Tuuka Rask & Jeff Glass for the future. On D we have future PP quarter back Ivan Vishnevskiy & great skating & passing 2-way defender Mark Popovic. We also have some outstanding size in Johnny Boychuk 6'3" 225lbs & Sasha Pokulok 6'5" 220lbs. All 4 will be the future ancor on this team.
Character & strength is what we went for in Steve Downie & Alex Bourret and add Jeremy Colliton (PK specialist & agitator) to that mix of grit and the future looks tough for any line playing these guys. Speed ,Skill & bloodlines found Chris Bourque & Dylan Hunter. Both sons of former NHLer's & legends Ray Bourque & Dale Hunter.

G - Cam Ward, $684.000 RFA 07/08
G - Yan Danis - $543400
G - Jeff Glass - $625000
G - Tuukka Rask, G

D- Brad Stuart, 2,400,000 UFA at the end of 07.
D- Barrett Jackman, $1,368,000 RFA 07/08
D- Jordan Leopold- $1,150,000 RFA 07/08
D- Jim Vandermeer- $1225000
D- Andrew Ference $750,000 4yrs Left UFA (Next Yr Goes to 1.235)
D- Alexandre R. Picard- $550,000 RFA 08/09
D- Mark Popovic- $517500 (M)
D- Johnny Boychuk- $450 000
D- Sasha Pokulok $850,000 3yrs Left RFA
D- Ivan Vishnevskiy
D- A.J. Thelen
D- Kirill Koltsov
D- Simon Danis-Pepin

C- Savard, Marc, $5,000,000 til 09/10
C-Tuomo Ruutu- $1,875,000 RFA 08/09
C- Mike Ribiero, $1,900,000 RFA 07/08
C/LW- Patrick Stefan- $900000
C-Wayne Primeau-$1125000
C/RW- Jeremy Colliton-$715000
C- Shea Guthrie
C- Igor Mirnov

LW- Marco Sturm- $2,050,000 UFA 07/08
LW/RW- Mike Knuble $1,520,000 3yrs Left UFA (Next Yr Goes to 2.8)
LW/RW- Jon Sim -$610000
LW/RW- Christopher Bourque, $633,333 RFA 07/08
LW- Eric Boulton $500 000 (Enforcer)
LW-Dylan Hunter $566 666
LW- Matt Moulson $477500
LW- Jordan LaVallee $525000
LW- Mike Angelidis $476666.66

RW- Glen Murray, $4,150,000 UFA 09/10
LW/RW- Scott Hartnell, $ 1,750,000 UFA 07/08
C/RW- Matthew Lombardi $800,000 4yrs Left UFA (Next Yr Goes to 1.83)
RW- Jordin Tootoo, $600,000 RFA 08/09
RW- Alex Bourret, $850,000 RFA 08/09 (M)
RW -Steve Downie- $850,000 RFA 09/10
RW- Guillaume Desbiens$505 000
RW- Dan Bertram
RW- Igor Grigorenko

Opening Night Line-up

Mike Knuble-Marc Savard-Glen Murray $10670000
Tuomo Ruutu-Mike Ribero-Scott Hartnell $5525000
Marco Sturm-Patrick Stefan-Mathew Lombardi $3750000
Jon Sim -Wayne Primeau-Jordin Tootoo $2335000

Jordin Leopold-Brad Stuart $3550000
Alexandre R. Picard-Barret Jackman $1918000
Jim Vandermeer-Andrew Ference $1975000

Cam Ward
Yan Danis

Steve Downie-Jeremy Colliton-Alex Bourret
Chris Bourque-Shea Guthrie-Igor Grigorenko
Dylan Hunter- Igor Mirnov -Dan Bertram
Matt Moulson-Jordan LaVallee-Mike Angelidis

Guillaume Desbiens
Eric Boulton (Enforcer)

Sasha Pokulok-Mark Popovic
Johnny Boychuk-Ivan Vishnevskiy
A.J. Thelen-Kirill Koltsov
Simon Danis-Pepin

G- Jeff Glass
G- Tuuka Rask

Prospect Picks
G Tuuka Rask
D Ivan Vishnevskiy
C Shea Guthrie
D -A.J. Thelen

RW- Dan Bertram
D-Kirill Koltsov
C-Igor Mirnov
RW-Igor Grigorenko
D-Simon Danis-Pepin

25 NHL draft picks
9 prospect draft picks
9 free agency picks
43 total so far
43 required....0 picks left

TRADE ALERT 2007-05-06
The Iqaluit Polar Bears aquire:
Marc Bell
Bryan Berard
Steve McCarthy
Ville Peltonen

in exchange

The Hopeless Love Me Tender Habs recieve

F-Mike Knuble
F- Mathew Lombardi
D- Brad Ference
D- Sasha Pokulok

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