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07-03-2014, 08:00 AM
Leslie Treff
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July 2 Development Camp Report

Here is my report from what I saw and heard yesterday. Today is physical testing, so the media are not up in Greenburgh. I do have a list of tests though (although I can't swear its for today). It looks like a mini-Combine. The list is "Gait, Broad Jump, Vertical, Drift, VO2, Bench, Pull Up, Leg Squat, Manual Muscle Testing and Wingate."

Now to my report from yesterday:

Halverson–plays very big in net and has excellent lateral movement. He was almost perfect on first stops (one went through his legs during a shootout; he just did not get his stick down) and challenges the shooters very well. Very athletic, but he moves way too much (he makes the first save, but he then can have trouble recovering because he is unnecessarily out of position). This is fixable and the Rangers have an excellent goaltending coach to help. I have to say that since 2005 (when I first started to cover the Rangers), outside of Lundqvist, Halverson is by far the best goalie I have seen in a Rangers’ camp–and that includes Talbot.

Buchnevich–the most talented offensive guy in camp; dynamic, excellent offensive instincts, with size and skating ability. He looks like he has bulked up some since the last time I saw him, and he was strong on the puck yesterday. Buchnevich has one more year in Russia and speaks little English (I am being generous); the thing is I am bit skeptical (not quite sure why yet, but I am uneasy); stay tuned Friday, maybe I will figure out what makes me uncomfrotable about his play. BTW, although the Rangers had him at center inn camp he is expected to play on the wing.

Walcott–He has grit and great instincts, along with very good balance. Can move the puck, reads plays well and takes no nonense from others, even though he is not very big. Walcott does have some offensive upside too–a real boom or bust player. He does need to put on a little bulk, but oh can he skate. Outside of Halverson and Buchnevich, he was the most impressive guy on the ice yesterday.

Zamorsky–mostly did not see him much yesterday; which is good for a D-man. Just goes about his business, and then suddenly he beats you on an unbelievable shot. He does need some work on positioning, but he will get at least a year in Hartford to hone his skills.

Skjei–Looks pro ready to me–pro shot, good awareness in his own zone; has started to look a bit more offense minded, although still mostly own zone. What a shot. He always had one of the hardest shots within the organization, but Skjei has improved it. He took a shot from the point that had so much zip on it, the only reason the goalie (Skapski) stopped it was because he luckily moved into position as the shot was released.

Skapski–He looked fine. If Halverson was not in camp, we may be looking more at him, but Skapski does not look to have the same potential.

Nanne–Noticeable for what he did right on the ice, but did not make big plays. Plays well along the boards even though he is small. He can play forward, but yesterday was on D. Can be gritty. Player to watch as he moves into the college ranks–he is very raw, but Rangers’ kept talking about how impressed they were.
Tambellini–I loved what I saw of him yesterday. Excellent on faceoffs; very good size, which he has started to use well. He has bulked up some (still could use some more); very good kid with excellent hockey sense. He has offensive instincts, but does not look ready for pro play to me. Given that he is a 1994, I am not sure what next season holds, but really like him as a prospect.

Bodie–Noticed him several times as he distributed the puck. Excellent first pass, okay speed. Did not see much else in him.

Andersson–Although the Rangers said he was more impressive the first two days and not yesterday, this was not the first time I saw Andersson fall short of expectations. He needs quite a bit of work on D and did not make good decisions with and without the puck. I will see on Friday if he looks any different.

Noreau–Looks even bigger than last year. Made some good hits. Question is whether he has the speed and footwork for either AHL or NHL game. He was fine yesterday, but this is only development camp.

Logan Nelson–I was surprised to see after the scrimmage that Nelson was as tall as he is. Not my kind of player–plays small game and makes questionable decisions with the puck. Not impressed.

Nejezchleb–Can’t spell the player’s name, but he made several moves on the ice that I liked. He does not avoid physical play and has decent hands. Plays a solid game.

St. Croix–Apparently came into camp in very good shape and is looking to move up to the AHL this season. Despite the fact that he missed a wide open shot at the net, he generally was in the right place at the right time all scrimmage. Now he needs to get his confidence back. Hope to see more Friday.

Duclair–did not skate due to a groin injury (which I was told was not serious).

Nieves–is not in camp due to the fact that he needed to take classes at Michigan.

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