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02-17-2004, 10:12 AM
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I'm sure they could do a lot of good for a contender, but teams will be very reluctant to deal for them.

A lot of the players the Rangers have acquired over the last few years were last ditch efforts by the teams dealing them.

Take Kovalev for example. There was little to no interest in him a year ago. What has changed? Well, he's now older, more expensive, and less productive.
Jagr is in the same boat. He was had for so little because nobody else wanted the guy. The Capitals had to literally pay the Rangers to take him.
Holik is the same, because he went to the highest bidder. If another team was willing to pay him 9 million dollars, they would have.

But to correct myself, when I agreed that the Rangers couldn't give half their players away I was, in part, being sarcastic.

i mean you guys are not gm's. it was hyperthetical question and you two clowns throw that idiotic statement in there! don't reply!!
Hahaha, classic!

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