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04-04-2007, 02:37 PM
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Malik did it again

Ok I know we've talked about this before, but not recently and it still blows my mind. I think Malik has been playing OK during the last two months, not great, not terrible...just OK. He has good vision and makes some nice outlet passes, and a couple of amazing passes that led directly to goals come to mind. But he makes too many mistakes in his own end and the risk/reward ratio is just too high for me. Give me a guy like Tyutin instead who makes a LOT of nice passes and doesn't turn the puck over very often.

That's why Tyutin is a #1-2 defenseman, and Malik is a #5-6.

Anyway, I thought Malik, along with Girardi and Strudwick, played particularly poorly last night. Numerous mistakes and bad decisions, being out of position, turnovers because of the Islander forechecking pressure, etc.

The funny thing is, Girardi and Strudwick came out of the game with well earned -2 ratings, and Malik came out + 2. PLUS 2!!! PLUS FREAKIN 2!!!

Obviously Girardi and Strudwick were hampered by playing too often with the fourth line, which had a particulalry abysmal game, and Malik got one of his 'plusses' on the Nylander goal, generated by the top line. He got his other plus on the shorthanded goal.

We've been talking about the merits of +/- for a while here, and last night was a perfect example of the flaws of this stat.

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