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Originally Posted by dave4 View Post
You're making it sound like Malik never makes a defensive error, so I would rephrase this:

'Malik's glaring defensive errors tend to lead to goals less often than other players' glaring defensive errors.' And he certainly makes his fair share, and then some. Why? I'm not sure.

I have no idea what happened when Malik played elsewhere, but I do agree it's an established pattern. It's a pretty big statistical sample. But playing with Jagr all the time has certainly helped his +/- here.

Would you call Malik our best defenseman?
First, thanks for keeping it civil, unlike some.

No question that playing with Jagr is good for Malik's plus/minus. No argument there. If Malik was a total negative, as many obviously believe, do you think the coaching staff would continue to throw him out there?

Let's assume that the coaching staff doesn't love Malik but bows to the wishes of Jagr (very unlikely, but possible). Is Jagr an idiot bent on his own self-destruction?

Certainly you must believe that Jagr wants Malik out there with him or he wouldn't be there. Jagr wants to feel comfortable with whomever he plays and in his opinion Malik is an excellent complement to his game. Even if Jagr were to be wrong, the fact that our MVP believes it to be so is incredibly important to the success of this team. Agree?

I'll rank our defensemen in my opinion:

Malik or Rozsival

None is a true #1, with Tyutin having a shot at being a legit #2 but more likely a solid #3. It's not a great group. It's not even very good. But within the confines of our style of play it is adequate. If Girardi continues to improve I think he has a chance to be our 2nd best (forgetting about Staal or whomever appears).

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