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Originally Posted by bjoelson View Post

I find the spitting hard to believe. To me it seem more likely it was a water bottle squirt. But who knows. I just find the story interesting
The only "disgusting" thing here is the skewed fairy tales being thrown about by news reporters on the matter, and the gullible spite harbored by isles fans for this "incident".

Lundy had never been moved from his crease. He was concentrating, and a girl comes up and hits his stick with a broom? He's swedish, he can't communicate well. He probably was just trying to brush the broom aside, even the girl said she wasn't harmed, but oh right, he took a "huge wind up". PLEASE.

As for the spitting, if she suddenly felt wetness on her back it was more than likely a water bottle squirt or an unintentional spit. Wake up...

Oh, and way to edit buddy

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