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04-04-2007, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by fullmetal2405 View Post
TBL made some good points there. Really, a goalie needs to be able to make saves in a full butterfly or from a standing position, and be able to decide which kind of save is best for the current situation. I personally consider myself a hybrid in that I make saves from the fulll butterfly, or from a standing position, though most of the time you'll find me in the half butterfly.
I see some goalies that are in the half BF way too much. Usually the sign of inexperience(on ice) or crossover from roller. No offense intended, it's just usually the case

It actually goes back a little farther then that. Obvisouly you need to be in the right position first, which usually means you are standing. Kind of what I mean when I say right save for the shot. Which goes back to my first post, about this one shot that gets me. I am not talking about a shot that is slow enough to steer aside with the stik or skate, you probably wont get it with a half BF most of the time either. The more I thnk about it, it goes back to positioning. The starting point.
It most likely my angles are off and Im leaving too much open on that side
TBL, your right I was overthinking it...just need to go back to the beginning

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