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04-05-2007, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Melanson View Post
It was also reported by the Rangers beat writer in the NY Daily News.

This is all pretty stupid and childish stuff with the exception of the spitting incident. I don't know if it is true or not but if it is, that's pretty low. Squirting water is more of a joking thing and cursing never hurt anyone (or I'd be dead right now) but spitting on someone crosses the line for me.

I'm not saying it happened, but that is the one thing about this story that would be unacceptable if it were true. Everything else is kind of funny IMO.
John Dellapina didn't write about the Lundqvist/Ice Girls alleged incident

It's a Peter Botte story

The Lundqvist quotes came from Dellapina

Another member of the Ice Girls, Chanel Benson, also claimed an unnamed Rangers player spit on her from the bench during the next stoppage of play. The Islanders complained to the officiating crew after the first period, and VP of game operations Tim Beach confirmed he called NHL VP of Events and Entertainment Bill Miller to inform him of the incident, although he added that no formal charges were filed with the NHL

Big pansies

In fact,Dellapina ridiculed this BS story in his blog.The blog entry

On a completely different topic (and at the risk of inviting more boorish criticism from the folks who used my view of fighting as an excuse to do some childish name-calling), are we now convinced that having scantily-clad young girls on the ice during stoppages in play is NOT a good idea?

Henrik Lundqvist refused to move last night when the Islanders' Ice Girls came out with their squeegees and shovels to remove the snow from around and in front of his net. That made for some comedy that included linesmen and referees imploring him to move while he refused to budge.

I asked him about it after the game and we both chuckled. But he wasn't entirely amused.

"I've played 65 games this season and never had to move and now I have to move?" he said. "I know they have an important job to do, but so do I."

Of course they have an important job to do -- you can tell that by how they're dressed. Then again, while Lundqvist likes to get into some visualization during stoppages, he obviously has to clear the crease if NHL rules mandate that the snow be swept.

I didn't see it myself, but there are allegations that Lundqvist slapped at one of the squeegees (not the young lady wielding it) during the first play stoppage. Sounds like a funny blog entry rather than a news story to me. But that's just me.

Of course, I think the shootout, semi-dressed teenagers and fighting don't belong on NHL ice surfaces during games. But what do I know?

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