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04-05-2007, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by AnthonyF27 View Post
Well it's the fact that he plays with Jagr and that Jagr's line will tend to score more goals against teams who aren't as good defensively meaning that he will get more +s in those games.

I mean put it this way. Jaromir "I Play Defense When I Feel Like It" Jagr is a +24, do you really think he's great defensively? I mean damn, if +/- is that good of a gauge then Jagr is the next Doug Harvey.
You know, that's a good point. And Jagr gets a lot of his points on the power play, where you don't even get a 'plus'.

Hey wait a second...maybe we've got this all wrong...maybe JAGR's +/- is good because of MALIK, and not the other way around!

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